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Limousin cattle have been popular around Europe for millenniums, with cave drawings of the cattle dating back over 20,000 years! Originating in France, the Limousin cattle are farm favourites in Ireland and across the UK, which is why they are traded on our platform regularly. Selling and buying Limousin cattle, as well as other breeds, through Farm Fayre can be done in a few simple steps.

Here’s our guide to Limousin cattle and how you can buy and sell the breed through Farm Fayre.


The History of Limousin Cattle

Originating from the Massif Central in the South of France, Limousin cattle have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Throughout history, the Massif Central highlands have always had quite harsh conditions with a large amount of precipitation, proving the Limousin cattle to be a sturdy and resilient breed.

Because of this, the Limousin Cattle became widely known around France as one of the best beef cattle for farming, and for the high quality of meat that the cows and bulls produce. Although the Limousin cattle breed date back before we know, the cows and bulls were first traded to Ireland in 1972, followed by the establishment of The Irish Limousin Cattle Society in 1973. The Irish Limousin Cattle Society aim to increase awareness of the Limousin cattle across Ireland and educate farmers who buy the Limousin breed on looking after and improving their cattle.

What are the Characteristics of the Limousin Cattle?


The Limousin cattle have a broad and strong structure, with males weighing up to 1000 kg, and female Limousin cows weighing up to 700kg.


The Limousin breed are usually born as light brown which matures to golden as the cattle grow older. However, Limousin calves can also be born a light brown shade and turn to black.


Limousin females are great at breeding at any age, and the bull also great at reproduction, which leads to strong and fast-growing calves, that can add great value to a cattle.


The beef produced from the Limousin breed is known for it’s high percentage of meat compared to bone and fat, making it great for sale. The Limousin breed can also be grown to a great weight when ready to be finished.


Throughout history, Limousin breeders have marked the improvement of the Limousin temperament as a priority. Because of this, the Limousin cattle are calmer and safer than ever before, meaning they not only work well for reproduction and meat production, but also have a great temperament.

How Do I Buy Limousin Cattle for Sale?

Buying Limousin cattle on our platform could not be easier. Simply head to and click on ‘Register’.

To register as a buyer, you will need to provide a delivery address in Ireland for livestock delivery and your correct herd number. Once you have registered, you can head to our catalogue of livestock, where you can look at our for the Limousin breed. If you can’t find the breed on our bidding rooms, keep checking back!

What Do I Do When I Want to Bid?

To bid on the cattle, you will need to place a pre-bidding deposit of at least 10% or a hold on funds. This ensures that all of our sellers are guaranteed a sale if a buyer bids on their cattle. Deposits are accepted through a hold on card or online SEPA transfers. For example, if you are bidding on a value of €25,000, you will need to deposit at least €2,500.

What Happens Once I Win the Bid?

The winner of a bid should transfer funds through Trustap, a secure platform to make transactions online. The transfer of funds should take place within 48 hours of the sale closing. Once the funds have been sent, our Trusted Haulier Network will collect the livestock straight from the seller’s farmyard, weigh the livestock and then deliver it straight to your farmyard. Buyers have 24 hours to raise a complaint if cattle delivered are not as listed. If there is a valid complaint raised the arbitrator shall step in and resolve any issues in alignment with the terms of buying and selling on our platform. You can raise concerns here.

How Do I Sell Limousin Cattle?

To sell your Limousin cattle or any other breed of livestock in Ireland, you need to set up a Trustap profile (don’t worry you only need to do it once), and verify your details. This will ensure the funds can be transferred straight to you once a sale has been placed.

Once registered, post a listing with relevant information such as breed, weight, colour, gender, as well as high-quality photos and videos to show off the livestock.

What Happens Once I Make a Sale?

After you have sold your cattle, our Trusted Haulier Network will come to your farmyard to collect the livestock. Once the buyer has received their livestock, they have 24 hours to raise any concerns or issues. After this time, the transaction will be completed and funds will be transferred to you via Trustap.

Find out more at and sign up to start buying and selling cattle in Ireland today!

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