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How to Sell Your Beef Cattle on Farm Fayre

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In the modern-day farmers are busier than ever and work extremely long hours, which is why when the time comes to list your beef cattle for sale in Ireland, there should be an easy way for you to find potential buyers. Buying and selling beef cattle does not have to be difficult, and our Farm Fayre platform is the perfect solution for doing just that.

Wherever your location in Ireland, list your beef cattle for sale on our site to save precious time and put your energy where it needs to be most. Here’s how you can easily list cattle for sale with us on

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Who Are We?

Farm Fayre is an Irish platform that allows the selling and buying of livestock in a secure, safe and simple online marketplace. We truly believe that those who work on farms in Ireland are the backbone of the Irish economy, providing food around the country.

That is why we wanted to create a time-saving and innovative solution that could allow the sale of livestock in one place, no matter what your location. After talking to a range of farms around the country and carrying out market research, Farm Fayre was born as a bidding platform for livestock in Ireland.

How Do I List My Beef Cattle for Sale?

Farm Fayre was designed specifically for farmers. It allows farmers to list cattle for sale, while visitiors and buyers can browse and bid on the stock, just like the ‘Old Market Square’. To register as a seller on our platform you will need to set up a Trustap profile so that funds can be put into your account as soon as you have made a sale.

Once you have signed up with us on Farm Fayre, you can either browse through bidding rooms online and bid on cattle, or start selling your own cattle.

Some of the information to be included when listing your livestock for sale are below:

  • Avg. Weight (Kgs)
  • Age Range (Mths)
  • Breed
  • Section (Beef/Suckler/Dairy)
  • Type (Heifer/Bull)

To list beef cattle for sale, simply upload photos and relevant details about your beef cattle, including the breed type.

One the lisiting is live bidding can start. The winner of the bid will transfer the funds via Trustap and the Trusted Haulier Network will collect your livestock straight from your farm, weigh the cattle and deliver them safely to the buyer.

List Any Breed Type on Farm Fayre

No matter which breed type you would like to put up for sale, Farm Fayre can help you get a fair price for your cattle. Breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, Galloway, Highland, Charolais, Limousin, Belgian Blue and Hereford are happily accepted on our platform, as well as a range of other types.

Buy Beef Cattle for Sale in Ireland

To ensure our livestock sellers get the money that buyers are bidding, buyers are required to place a deposit or a hold on funds when entering the bid. This means if they do not go ahead with the sale after bidding they will lose their deposit. We want our platform to be a sure and easy way to list cattle, no matter what type, and get paid without a problem.

Buy Beef Cattle for Sale in Ireland

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