Farm Fayre

How it Works

For simplicity the Farm Fayre platform is split into 3 tiers:

Visitor:- as a visitor you can look around and get a feel for the platform.
Buyer:- as a buyer you may access the bidding rooms, save your favourites, ask questions, and bid on & buy livestock.
Seller:- as a seller you have access to all of the above with the added ability to post livestock listings for sale.


Visitors:- simply put in your name and email.
Buyers:- you need to provide your delivery address for livestock, also your herd number (it is important these are correct as herd number(s) may be shared with Sellers for documentation).
Seller:- you need to set up a Trustap profile (don’t worry you only need to do it once), and verify your details, so that funds can be deposited to your account without delay upon settlement of sales.

Posting a listing:

Seller’s upload high quality photos, videos, and the relevant details for their livestock. Once listed, and approved, these livestock are automatically included in the next sale for the Seller’s location. Listing closes 48 hours before close of sale. (Seller’s may only sell in their local area sale).


Buyers browse the catalogue of livestock available for sale, having a minimum of 48 hours before the sale closes. Any time prior to sale room closing Buyer’s may save favorites, ask questions, and find all they need to know to ensure they are making an informed decision.

Pre Bidding Deposit:

When the Bidding rooms open Buyer’s wishing to bid simply place a deposit or hold on funds. This gives surety to Sellers that bidders, on their livestock, are obliged to complete the sale (or lose their deposit). Deposits are accepted either by a hold on card or instant online SEPA transfer. Buyers may bid up to 10 times the value of their deposited amount. e.g. if a bidder deposits €2,500 then they may bid on any Lot, or multiple Lots, up to a cumulative value of €25,000.

Close of Bidding:

The bidding rooms are open for 24 hours prior to closing of sale closing time (South Leinster closes at 12:00 pm Tuesday; therefore the bidding room opens 12:00 pm Monday). In this time bidders compete in an open & transparent environment with the highest bidder, at close of sale, being the winner. We will soon be rolling out other areas across the country and will post their bidding times. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.


The winner transfers funds to Trustap where they are held safe and secure. (Funds are to be transferred upon close of sale, with the express understanding that funds must reach Trustap within 48 hours of sale closing).

Collection & Delivery:

Upon confirmation of receipt of funds the Trusted Haulier Network collects the livestock straight from the Seller’s farmyard, weighs the livestock en-route, and delivers them directly to the Buyers farmyard.

Complaint Resolution:

The Buyer has 24 hours to raise any valid concerns (if any valid complaint is received an arbitrator steps in and resolves the issue). If there are no complaints raised the funds are automatically transferred to the relevant parties, including the return of any funds on hold.

The Result:

Simple really. Livestock trading for the 21st Century where the buyers get exactly what was promised and the Sellers

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