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Bidding in Farm Fayre’s Cattle Sales Room

Bidding in Farm Fayre’s online Livestock Sales Room Hi again, and welcome back to Farm Fayre’s “How it Works” series.

Farm Fayre’s livestock Sales Room Overview Hi there, and welcome to today’s short overview video of Farm Fayre’s sales room.

Limousin cattle have been popular around Europe for millenniums, with cave drawings of the cattle dating back over 20,000 years!

Our Farm Fayre platform is a new & dynamic online environment that allows farmers across Ireland to buy and sell

Simmental cattle are one of the most popular breeds of beef cattle in the world. Because of this, the breed

Buying and selling beef cattle does not have to be difficult, and our Farm Fayre platform is the

perfect solution for doing just that.

Photographing livestock can be a difficult job if you don’t know how to effectively capture animals.

But having good pictures of your livestock can help your listing stand out.