Farm Fayre

About Us

Farm Fayre is an Irish platform that connects buyers and sellers of livestock in an innovative online marketplace that’s convenient, safe, secure and simple to use.

Our platform was designed from the ground up with Farmers in mind.

We began with a simple vision to recreate the “Old Market Square”, peer to peer, style of trade where Farmers list their livestock for sale and Buyers bid in a transparent environment.

From there, we spoke to a broad array of farmers trying to understand their everyday struggles with livestock trading. No problem was too small, we worked through every tiny detail until we had a platform that was a dream for farmers to use. Over time their reactions went from doubtful, uncertain, to interested and finally a whispered “keep me in the loop when it starts will you?”

At Farm Fayre we believe that Farmers are the backbone of the Irish economy. We understand that you work long hours, often unappreciated, and when it comes time to offer your livestock there can be many barriers to a safe, secure and transparent sale.
Farmers produce our food, our sustenance, a fundamentally important role in society. We merely wish to ensure that when the time comes for Farmers to offer their produce to the market we can provide a level playing field where you are assured of getting the best price for your stock and best stock for your price. We don’t think this is too much to expect.

We are passionate about innovation and offering straightforward solutions. So, please feel free to Contact Us with any queries you may have, or a problem that we may be able to solve for you.

We wish you all the best on our platform, and here’s to happy and successful trading for all!

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