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A Guide to Simmental Cattle

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Simmental cattle are one of the most popular breeds of beef cattle in the world. Because of this, the breed is regularly bought and sold across farms in Ireland.

Here at Farm Fayre, our platform reimagines the ‘Old Market Square’ into a new and dynamic way of selling and buying cattle online. Sign up as either a buyer or seller and get access to the auction bidding room, where you can view a range of breeds for sale in your area!

This includes the highly sought-after Simmental cattle breed, which are ideal for both dairy milk production and great quality beef. Here is our short guide to Simmental cattle, their history and why they are so popular across all continents.

Where are Simmental Cattle From?

Simmental Cattle

Simmental cattle originate from the Simme Valley in Switzerland, hence their name, Simmental. There are documents dating back to the 15th century of Simmental breed trading between Switzerland and Italy, and later the cattle were sold across Europe, adopting different names in many countries. In Germany, Austria and other Eastern European countries the breed are commonly known as Fleckvieh, as well as being known as Pie Rouge in France.

The Simmental cattle only became popular worldwide in the late 1900s, with the breed shipped to America, China and Australia. In the present day, it is estimated that there are up to 60 million Simmental cattle around the world! The Simmental cattle can also be successfully crossed with other breeds, making them an ideal type of cattle for any use.

Why are Simmental Cattle so Popular?

There are a number of reasons why Simmental cattle are so popular across the world and in Ireland. The number one reason for the popularity of Simmental beef cattle is the quality and quantity of milk and beef that they are able to produce.

Simmental cows are able to produce up to 11kg of milk per day and can grow up to 900kg in weight. Simmental bulls can grow to around 1,000kg, and have muscular bodies, providing incredible beef production. Both the quality and quantity of milk and beef that comes from these animals make them a great breed to have.

As well as the high quality of dairy that comes from the cows, and delicious beef from the cattle, the Simmental breed from Switzerland are extremely easy to look after and have a gentle nature.

The cattle also easily reproduce so crossbreeding is common, and the Simmental cows are very maternal to their calves.

How Do I Buy Simmental Cattle on Farm Fayre?

Buying and selling on Farm Fayre is an easy and simple process, with security in place to ensure trading is completed with no problems. As a buyer on Farm Fayre, you will be able to access bidding rooms, save favourites, ask questions and bid on Simmental cattle (if available). In the bidding rooms, you will find a range of breeds, as well as information such as the characteristics of the animal, the weight, and photos.

Once a bidding room opens for the cattle of your choice, you will be required to place a deposit or hold on funds. This means that if you bid for Simmental cattle, you must complete the sale or lose your hold on funds.

We allow buyers to bid on animals up to 10 times the value of their deposited amount. Once you have won a bid, you will need to transfer payment to the seller within 48 hours of the sale closing. The cattle will then be delivered straight to you by our trusted haulier network!

How Do I Sell Simmental Cattle on Farm Fayre?

In order to register as a seller on our platform, you are required to set up a Trustap profile to successfully receive payments from winning bidders. Once you are registered, you can upload photos and details such as the colour and weight of the Simmental cattle or any other breeds you would like to sell.

After the sale of the cows or bulls has closed, and you have received payment (within 48 hours), a trusted haulier network will collect your livestock from wherever you are and take it straight over to the buyer.

Our cattle bidding rooms have been used by farmers across Ireland, who have helped us to create a streamlined platform ideal for buying and selling livestock. We also have a range of support lines to ensure we can resolve any problems that may arise during the trading of cattle. Find out more on our website and sign up today to buy and sell Simmental cattle in Ireland!

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